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Ngonyezi means "break of dawn" or "just before dawn" in Xhosa, a language spoken primarily in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa.

Ngonyezi Projects (Pty) Ltd's vision is to make a contribution to both the development of South Africa and to fight Climate Change.

Ngonyezi is a knowledge-based appropriate technology company providing innovative solutions to both public and private sector clients in primarily the renewable energy, sustainable waste water treatment arena and rural and community development. 

Ngonyezi brings new approaches to the sector/s and has diverse expertise sets and experience to ensure that the company asserts itself firmly as force contributing to the goal of transforming South Africa towards a knowledge-based economy.

Ngonyezi functions as an incubator – promoting new ideas, engages in feasibility studies, tests and runs the idea as a project and, for the ones that pass the test, develops the projects into a company which can stand on it's own feet. The first project was registered as a company in June 2012: Umlingo Solutions (Pty) Ltd. Learn more:

Other milestones

In September 2012 Ngonyezi was awarded the sole world wide rights to use MiraCarbon in relation to mine water treatment. Learn more:  


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